Keep Important Information, Pictures, Recipes, etc., Organized and Where You Can See Them!

There are so many great ways to make bulletin boards to hang in your RV!  It’s one of the best ways to stay organized….no more pieces of paper, coupons, recipe clippings, etc., floating around in Never-Never Land.

The one shown above is from Stacks and Stacks.  I must say, this is one of the most efficient bulletin boards I’ve found.  Lots of built-in storage space, which we are constantly on the lookout for inside our RVs!  You can get more information on this handy item at Stacks and Stacks.  Just click this link:  Storage & Organizationby Stacks and Stacks.  Did you know they have FREE SHIPPING on over 30,000 items?  Nice to know!


Magnetic bulletin boards have always been a favorite.  Use magnetic “buttons” to affix your items instead of push pins.  You can even attach little magnetic containers to these boards to hold everything from pins to spices.  You can find these here:   Storage & Organization at Stacks and Stacks





Don’t have much wall space for a bulletin board?  This one is only 7″ w. x 18″ high and has a bulletin board, a place for a photo, and a place to hang your keys.  And only $16.00 at Amazon! Nexxt PN19690-4 Poste Series Message Center With Cork Board and Metal Post, 7 by 18 by -3/4-Inch





While dancing around the internet on  my favorite virtual bulletin board website,, I came across these really fabulous ideas posted by other Pinterest fans.  Let these ideas spark creativity in you, too!



Now, isn’t this just the best excuse for drinking more wine?  This bulletin board is made using wine corks, nestled into a store-bought picture frame.  So easy to do! 




Another cute DIY bulletin board project is to cover pieces of corkboard with fabric and string ribbon through them for hanging.  You can buy corkboard at Amazon by clicking this link:.Cra-Z-Art Classic Cork Tiles, 12×12 Inches, Pack of 4 (12121)



Finally a use for all those old embroidery hoops I never use!  Cut corkboard the size of your hoop, fasten pretty fabric around it, and enclose it in the embroidery hoop.  Voila!  A very decorative bulletin board!





Plastic binder file folders available just about anywhere make colorful wall hanging pockets!  They can be cut to size. You can find these everywhere from office supply stores to Walmart.




Again using a store bought picture frame, cut corkboard to fit, cover with decorative fabric, and crisscross ribbon to it.   If you pull the ribbon tight enough, you can simply slip photos, recipes, etc., through the ribbons and not need to use push pins.





Simple, elegent and effective…..a beautiful store bought frame with a corkboard you have inserted.






No wall space available for your bulletin board?  Use the inside of a cupboard!  Just attach corkboard and you’re all set!  If you’d rather have a chalk board for temporary messages, you can paint the inside of your cupboard door with chalkboard paint, available at most paint and hardware stores. 




The best place I’ve found to buy bulletin board squares is through Amazon.  Just click the link. Quartet Natural Cork Tiles for Bulletin Boards, 6 x 6 Inches, 4 Tile Pack (11-150252Q)


You just never know what is behind that wall you are about to pound a nail into!  Please be careful!  You don’t want to piece tubing or wire.  A good alternative is to use Museum Putty.  It works great and no nails needed!  You can find Museum Putty at Amazon.  Just click the link. 

Quakehold! 88111 Museum Putty Neutral



Don’t settle for regular old pushpins.  Dress up your boards with decorative pins!  You can find them here:  Decorative Push Pins 5 Big Cupcakes at Amazon.