Do You Feel Claustrophobic in Your RV?

RV Window Coverings are Too Low!


 One reason we all feel confined in a small RV space is that the ceiling feels low.  There’s an easy fix for that and visually raise the roof!  It’s a fairly simple solution.  Just raise the height of your window coverings to make the windows seem larger and higher.  The bottom of the top window valance should cover the heading of the window, but the height can be as high as you want in order to make the window appear taller.  Camping World has a really great selection of window coverings and parts.  Or, you can make your own valances at a longer length to achieve this effect.


Here’s an example of how this would look in your RV.  Camping World also has a custom window coverings department that can help you create this look.



See  how this simple trick can visually give you higher looking windows?  Adding side panels will also create a strong vertical line, moving the eye upwards.  If you use sheer fabric for the side panels you can pull them shut to create subtle privacy without using your day-night shades.  Notice that the panels are hung outside the windows and not over them.  This creates width to make your windows seem wider, too.  Good idea if you have room to do this.  Also gives your RV a more “residential” feel.  To create even more visual height and you don’t want to use sheer fabric, use a soft, narrow stripe, vertical patterned fabric.

 Try these simple tricks and see what a difference in makes in your RV!


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